Y Mobility is a Strategic consultancy and Network company with a mission to change the paradigm of innovation and technology. It enables transformational mobility, including Connected & Automated Vehicle (CAV) technologies by providing unique and unparalleled advisory services to public, private, and non-profit entities worldwide.

What We Do

We undertake a variety or technical and consultancy projects for a range of clients in the mobility and tech industry worldwide. Our work is focused on the opportunities offered by CAV, Mobility and other latest technologies in our operating industries of:

Connected vehicles: which enable vehicles and infrastructure to communicate with each other and the cloud.

Automated vehicles: including technologies that enable the simplest of driver assistance features all the way to fully-automated “Level 5” – driverless vehicles.

Our work has helped to deliver complex transformation programmes of great significance globally in the mobility and tech industry. Have a look at our portfolio here for more information or read our Bio’s and company history below.

Our Team of specialists


David Fidalgo


David is a technologist who has worked with a variety of corporates, accelerators and entrepreneurs on innovative value creation projects in the PLM, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Mobility Connected Car, EV Propulsion Systems, Autonomous Driving, Smart Grid and Embedded Systems in the mobility industry.


Michael Zimmermann


Michael is a senior technical consultant with more than 30 years of experience in various leading positions and possesses invaluable management and sales capabilities. He has worked cross industries including aerospace, automotive, high tech industry, IT, energy and medical care.


Nicholas Kalavas


Nicholas is a highly experienced Speaker, Marketeer, Technologist and Entrepreneur in a variety of industries. He has experience in a diverse range of industries and unique ideas, methods and skills that have revolutionised the marketing industry since he founded CFM Group, in Cambridge.

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