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We provide our customer focused business Intelligence

Make use of our professional services, industry-best practices, and leading technology to modernize your business and optimize your infrastructure. Productivity and operational excellence rely on technology supporting the greater business strategy. From assessment and design, to implementation and support we can help you throughout the whole process.

Y Mobility can assist its clients to identify, create and launch unique services or products that disrupt their markets. From business planning, board development, strategic development, to financial services, bid and tender writing, our consultants use their combined years of experience and knowledge to provide you with results driven advice and guidance.

Y Mobility provides CAV consulting services to our clients, offering insight into the wide-ranging impacts of this emerging technology.  As the CAV industry gradually transitions from research exploration to deployment, we offer guidance on things that can be done now to prepare for CAV, but also advise and consult on companies already in production level.

Y Mobility can help you define compelling sales and marketing strategies that improve revenue performance and promote customer retention and loyalty. We work with you to develop targeted pricing strategies, improve portfolio management and optimise your sales channels to deliver long-term profitability.

Our experienced innovation team work alongside clients to identify and implement the right innovation strategies and capabilities to ensure that continuous, pragmatic, innovation drives improved business performance. We advise on innovation strategy, leadership, design, and commercialisation, as well as bring a strong and deep set of technology capabilities.



Intelligent mobility is the future of our transportation and technology

Focusing on the customer-centric approach to mobility and how to deliver a fully integrated transport system. Our services include:

Investigating ways to deliver a seamless customer experience across the whole journey, regardless of the mode of travel. 

Y- Mobility has a customer-centric view to providing a customer experience, business models and solutions and strategies regardless of the amount of travel or vehicle. For us, Human to machine communication and interaction of machines with consumers is our main driver. Our years in the industry, allows us to use our experience to develop Customer Journeys mapping (CJM), Customer Experience (CE), Employment Experience (EX), Operation Experience (OX) and Technology Experience (TE).

Delivering our technical and engineering expertise to a variety of projects and stages. Y-Mobility provides systems engineering services and future architecture for the agile development of embedded and safety-critical systems. Our team has extensive experience in developing “super-systems” and systems architectures on EV, connected cars and Autonomous vehicles

The development and implementation of new solutions for connected and autonomous vehicles for start ups as well as larger companies. We provide you with the business intelligence, networks and insight to design the best mobility and CAV product strategy & Implementation. We are also able to help at all stages of the project including investment and funding. 

Collecting, aggregating and analysing data to improve strategic decision making and operational network performance. ML Learning and Big Data are two key enablers of mobility and CAV. Our experienced team of advisors are able to guide and support you to design the best architecture and strategy with an aim to get the best possible ROI from your data.



We design the best ecosystems to help nurture organizations of ideas

Small, medium and large companies use our services to create disruptive or incremental innovation, source technologies, and launch prize-based challenges. We leverage our expansive network, at the heart of leading global ecosystems, to help large companies address critical business challenges and fast-track innovation. We are capable to focus on a variety of industries such as CAV, AI, big Data and more.

We can help you find a consensus around a financial model including the in/output of your partners. We then can determine what the collaboration operating model will be and how our clients can ensure objectives and synergies are met. Including roadmap to ensure externally-created solutions are integrated into the business.

Whether your project encompasses big data, machine learning, predictive analytics or optimization, Y Mobility can provide the artificial intelligence solutions you need. From exploring breakthrough thinking for difficult AI queries to engaging to perform an A.I. evaluation or simply using our expertise in theoretical and practical applications, we are here to help.

We have a vast and highly diverse global innovation network and are able can provide you with insights and help you get in contact with some highly influential technologists, investors, entrepreneurs and managers in senior positions. In addition, we are able to promote and create awareness for your brand or services via our established network.

Y Mobility is not only able to help you acquire valuable knowledge of innovation processes and technology disruption but also engage with entrepreneurs, key opinion leaders, and peers to share best practices. In addition, we explore business opportunities that drive long-term value for your company in the most affordable way.



Explore Digital Transformation To Improve Customer Interaction & Stay Competitive

Our Digital Transformation experts can work with your company to transform your digital capabilities and build digital services that are simpler, clearer and faster to use. We help you identify how to reinvent your business and services models to capitalise on digital technologies and innovation.

Digital transformation initiatives are key to modernizing your business technology especially when it comes to the Intelligent mobility and Transportation industries. Identifying opportunities for innovation that lead to impactful business outcomes is a challenge that we thrive under and have years of experience in.

Whether you are launching a new service or product or simply revamping your customer experience can be a daunting task and this is where we come in and are able to offer you a modern, flexible and human-centered approach to creating innovative business solutions that engage your customers and provide a competitive advantage.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is not a fantasy of the future but a reality. It is here now, driving vast amounts of sensor-driven data worldwide and the need for analytics, as well as enabling enormous change in all industries including mobility, transportation, retail, financial, healthcare, education, cities as well as analytics for them is a crucial part of any forward-thinking business. Contact us.

Whether you are looking for a website, help with growing your presence on social media, marketing advice, an app or a custom back-end system for your business, we have a highly experienced team able to assist you and guide you seamlessly through the process. Some of our services are: Web Development, SEO, Social Media, Ads, App design, CRM and more.

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